Indeed Hire Scheduler - help

Linking Your Calendars

Linking calendars allows you to share your availability, automatically buffer your schedule with Bufferology™ and use all your connected calendars when responding to polls.

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Use the "Link More Accounts" section to link all your accounts
  3. More linked accounts makes Find Me a Meeting more useful.

  4. The "Linked Accounts" section show how many of each account you've linked

Sharing Your Availability

You can easily share your availability based on all of your linked calendars. This makes it simple for you to let others know your availability even if they're not part of your calendar system. Check out this example

Steps to Share Your Availability

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. If you don't have one yet, create it. It's free!
  3. Use the Sharing section to pick your custom URL
  4. Congratulations! Your page is now live.

  5. Optionally change details about your page
  6. You can change the title for your page. We only share your availability during business hours. You can set your timezone to help us more accurately show the relevant business hours

Bufferology™ Automatic Calendar Buffers

Bufferology helps you protect your most productive time by automatically buffering your calendar against meetings.

Enabling Buffers

You can easily enable buffers by going to your user page and clicking the button to enable buffers.

Congratulations! We'll create automatic buffers for all your linked calendars.

By default, we'll configure settings we think are generally best. We'll buffer 2 hours per day starting in the morning which research shows is when our most creative thinking happens.

Optionally Adjust Preferences

  • The Title and Description of buffers can be customized. Pick a title unique to these buffers since they'll be entirely managed by Find Me a Meeting
  • Amount of Time sets the desired buffer time per day
  • Continuity lets you specify how long each buffer should be so you get enough enough time per buffer to make it productive
  • When Distribute Evenly is enabled, buffers will be distributed evenly per anchor
  • Anchors allow you to show preference for when a buffer should occur. We give you 3 options for the type of anchor you want to create and you can create as many as you want.
    • Start prefer for buffers to start at a particular time
    • Centered prefer to center the buffer at a particular time
    • End prefer to have the end of the buffer be at a particular time

  • Once you have configured your settings, click "update" to save them

    Taking Manual Control

    Click the link found on your user page to show manual controls.

    • Force a new calendar buffer calculation - Our servers periodically recalculate the best schedule so you don't need to worry about it. You can use this button to kick off a new calculation manually.
    • Clean up all Buffers and delete cached items - This link allows you to delete all the Bufferology meetings.

    Disabling Bufferology

    To disable automatic buffers, simply delete all of the anchors and click "update" to apply your settings.

    Creating a Poll

    Selecting Possible Dates

    Selecting Possible Times (Optional)

    Sharing and Managing Your Page

    Selecting Available Dates

    Selecting Available Times

    Updating Your Response


    1. Select Dates you want to make available

    Hint: If you don't want to coordinate times, you can click the dropdown and select "Finish - Dates Only"

    2. Select Times you want to make available.

    Hint: If you don't select any times, viewers will select from dates only.

    3. Nice Job! Your page is now live.

    This is the management page where you can change the poll, share it and view responses.

    You can follow the link to the public page everyone else will see. Recipients only need the address (URL) of your poll so it's easy to share the address using other services too.

    If you check your inbox, you'll see an email with information about your poll.