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Bufferology™ Preserves your Productivity

Modern schedules are killing productivity. Meetings consume our day or break it up into chunks that are too small to complete anything significant. Professionals need to find a way to balance the time needed for individual work and the scheduled meetings needed for collaboration.

A proven solution is to proactively block your calendar to reserve working time. Unfortunately, it requires manually scheduling even more meetings. Bufferology™ intelligently reserves time across all your calendars and can be personalized with simple and powerful preferences. Unlike a regular recurring meeting, each buffer automatically accommodates other meetings you’ve already accepted across all your calendars.

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Share Availability even outside your organization

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Professionals need to meet with people outside their organization but traditional tools make it difficult or impossible to share your availability.

Use Find Me a Meeting to share your availability on a customizable, professional page with a personalized URL. You can link multiple calendars from Google and Microsoft Office 365 so your availability reflects your personal & professional availability. We keep your calendar private and only show your availability during business hours. Your colleagues and clients can easily overlay their own calendar to see when you're both available.

Best for Business: seeing more clients

CB Sales uses tradeshows to meet multiple regional customers. Typically, their day has periods when few customers come by and some with more customers than they can see at the same time.

Using Find Me a Meeting in a CTA for top customers, they are able to pre-arrange multiple meetings that best fits everyone's availability and optimizes their time . They can manage customers with the most restrictive schedules and encourage customers with more flexibility to come by when they'll be able to get more attention.

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Mom's Night Out: unwind

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Claudia and her mom friends like to get out every few weeks to relax and catch up with each other. She uses Find Me a Meeting to create a poll of possible days and posts the link on Facebook. Each mom replies when she has time.

Once everyone's replied, Claudia gets an email and it's easy to find time for these busy moms to get out and relax despite their busy schedules.

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No sign up required. Create a poll in less than a minute and have everyone submit whenever they're available

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No Ads

You're not trying to sell to your friends. Our service is free and doesn't put ads in your way.

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As the replies come in, you can view the results in one, intuitive place. View the total availability and decide when to meet